Unpaid Meal Policy

St Mary Catholic School Unpaid Meal Policy

When a family lunch account has a negative balance, no action is taken during the serving period; students are served lunch as usual. Our lunch account tracking software, Infinite Campus, generates a monthly statement to parents regarding their lunch balance. When accounts reach a negative balance exceeding $25.00, parents will be informed by a letter from the Business Manager that their student(s) must bring a lunch from home until money is deposited in their account. If the family wants their child(ren) to continue to receive meals from the School Lunch Program, they will need to deposit money within the 2-week deadline mentioned in the letter.

If the parents do not deposit money into their account or respond to this letter, the Business Manager will attempt to contact the parents by phone to resolve the issue. If the Business Manager is unable to make phone contact or if the issue is not resolved over the phone, another letter will be sent requiring that the parents come in and talk to the Superintendent within 2 weeks of the date of the letter. If a student does not bring a lunch from home, and the parents still have not deposited money into the account, he or she will be given a full meal. This meal will be paid for from our “Guest Account”. The monies for this account come from our general fund. This meal will not be included in our reimbursable meal count. Parents will be expected to reimburse the Guest Account for those meals.