Scrip Program

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2021 Scrip Order Form.pdf

What is $crip?

  • Gift cards and/or certificates that are used just like cash at participating stores in Dell Rapids, Sioux Falls, and Nationwide. A percentage of Scrip purchased is donated back to St. Mary Parish and School. Income from the Scrip program can be used for tuition credit.

Who decides where to credit $crip income?

  • The purchaser decides where credit is given. Decide where you would like the credit and fill out the form. Family members, friends, and neighbors may also give their credit towards your tuition as long as you are a Scrip user. The purchaser has the following choices:

    1. Credit to St. Mary Parish

    2. Credit to St. Mary Catholic Schools

    3. Credit to the CRE program

    4. Tuition assistance

    5. Tuition credit to a particular student and / or family

    6. Teacher bonuses

How does scrip work?

  • Scrip purchases help decrease tuition costs. You, the purchaser, buy scrip and 3% of the purchase price is credited to one of the above-listed choices. To receive credit toward tuition you must put your full name and the family name of your choice on the purchase receipt. The program runs from April 1st to March 31st of each year.

Where can I purchase scrip?

  • The rectory during normal business hours

  • After Mass on the weekends